Thursday, 02 Oct 2014
Insensitive IT officials remind Kashmir of Afghan tyranny

Asks flood-hit business-people to come to Jammu to file tax returns

Srinagar, Oct 01: During the Afghan (mis)rule between 1752 to 1819 AD in Kashmir, orchardists axed their fruit trees to avoid excessive taxation. History may repeat itself here, but this time round it is the traders who are being hounded by the Income Tax (IT) department in complete disregard to the devastation faced by them due to September 07 ruinous floods!
City witnesses traffic chaos all around

According to KNS correspondent, people from scores of areas came on streets- raising anti- government slogans and blocking the vehicular movement for hours at various vital road links. The protesters while blocking the roads by placing wooden poles, assembled at various streets. Raising slogans against the dearth of essentials, people accused that the government has left them at the mercy of this turbulent situation.
Remembering Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti is being observed today. As usual seminars, symposia, debates and discussions and other sort of functions will be held to pay tributes to Gandhi, who is considered to be one of the greatest proponents of non-violence. Although one can argue both for and against the Gandhian philosophy, particularly on whether he really believed in what he did or whether it was just a tactic that suited India at the time when it was pitted against the mighty Britain, but not many could doubt his leadership skills for he was able to mobilize the mass of otherwise timid Hindustani population to
Asiad final: Pakistan, India set for firecracker
Asiad final: Pakistan, India set for firecracker

Millions of fans in both nations will be glued to their television screens for the title clash which earns the winner a ticket to Rio de Janeiro and the loser left facing a hazardous qualification route.India and Pakistan last met in an Asiad final way back at New Delhi in 1982 where the Indians suffered a stunning 1-7 rout in front of their hown fans that included then prime minister Indira Gandhi.
Floods: Questions that need answers

The flood which was more like Himalayan Tsunami, left around 300 dead. It also brought about massive loss of lives, property, crops and infrastructure but relief and rehabilitation has been slow.Agricultural lands of small and marginal farmers in more than 200 villages across the state were destroyed by the floods, leaving huge number of farmers out of work.
The Kashmiri Youth And Their 'Sailing Machines'

The stories are terrifying and paint a picture of helplessness, callousness, indifference and apathy. But the darkness is penetrated by light in the shape of Kashmir’s youth who have stunned the older generation with acts of sheer heroism, without even perhaps realising it. The reason why the figures of the dead are still as low as 300 across Jammu and Kashmir is being attributed, not just by the civilians or for that matter the separatists but by government officials, senior mainstream political leaders , journalists and all others The Citizen spoke to, to the young Kashmiris
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